posted: 7 February 2013
category: Preserving cupboard 

What a bountiful season it is!

We've been pickling various vegies, after last year's success with zucchini, squash and beetroot...

posted: 30 December 2012
category: Preserving cupboard 

Yes, it's that time of year again when the Fowlers gets a workout...

posted: 12 May 2012
category: In the garden Preserving cupboard 

posted: 29 November 2011
category: Preserving cupboard 

Earlier in the year, Frank researched pickling olives.  After gathering upwards of 10kgs from a workmate's property, we experimented with a recipe from a local olive farm, and the results have been a pleasant surprise...

posted: 11 March 2011
category: Recipes Preserving cupboard 

We had a heap of ripe blood plums, but not enough for a Fowler's load, so we opted for chutney instead... here's the recipe, nice and spicy...