posted: 24 September 2010
category: Success! 

And the book looks amazing! 


posted: 21 September 2010
category: Leelu 

Leelu is doing her almost-silent-but-not-quite-enough-to-not-be-annoying whine in the study, and obviously has something she wants to share...


posted: 15 September 2010
category: In the garden 

Where did that vegie patch go.... the one carefully tended last autumn... maybe north to Queensland for a holiday... but no... here it is under all these weeds and clumps of grass!  Still, it seems there are others in the same predicament... a lovely poem from Julie Hanson on the Poetry Daily website...


posted: 12 September 2010
category: Recipes 

Frank dug up two big leeks and two lovely little heads of cauliflower from the vegie patch this afternoon...


posted: 4 September 2010
category: Recipes 

It's absolutely bucketing down here, but having just found out that today is World Chocolate Day, here's a sensational pudding recipe to stave off the wet and the cold...


posted: 3 September 2010
category: Quote for the month 

Whatever can happen to a garden can happen to soul and psyche...